Thursday, May 4, 2017

Still Here

I know I have been not blogging of late. I haven't been sewing either. My Mother-in-law (like my mom) was in a horrible accident (not her fault). We have been going back and forth to Charleston to care for her. I have talked about her before she is 94 but was doing everything on her own. All your prayers are needed.

So I am paying bills and I get this pop up from Gilt I was curious about the web site as I have never heard of them. Since I make my cloths all I look for are accessories, shoes and inspiration. They had these gorgeous suede cross over shoes, which are really hot this summer.

I have had my eye on these Naturalizer cross over sandals at DSW. They are 44.95 and they come in beige and black suede. I just got a 10 coupon in the mail for my birthday. So I am going to DSW!!!
I know that we sewers love a bargain so I had to share this find. I hope the next time I post, It will be about something that I have made.
Forever21under 30.00

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Tomasa said...

So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's accident. I hope she recovers soon. And those crossover sandals are great. I am eyeing an orange pair I saw on the Loft website.