Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fab Find

I have been looking for nightstands for our bedroom since we got back from Paris. The night stands we had matched our bedroom suite but they have always been too small. Only a few items would fit with the lamp.  I have always loved the height. Now a days you don't have to have matching pieces. I had my eye on some mirrored night stands, but hubby was not on board with it for our bedroom. He said they were not practical, for everyday use. I didn't want to admit it but he was right.

I happen to go to Rooms to go outlet and found theses drawers that were supposed to sit on the dresser. I got them for 30.00 each.

I have had them for a few months and I just could not figure out how to them work so that they would not look like I put them together. I wanted them to be the same height of our old ones. They also needed utility. HELP, I needed an inspiration piece.

One day I was looking through House Beautiful and found this bathroom vanity and there it was, this is how I would make it work. I also liked the color of the other inspiration, however my headboard it's kinda goldish, I knew I wanted a metallic but not silver.

You can't tell by this picture,  I used Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint. The color is called Gilt Bronze.We love them! Hubby was very patient with me watching me order legs, buying wood, and changing my mind when he was cutting for me. This gives us utility with the baskets and also a place to put our laptops/tablets and magazines.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

McCall's 6957 30 minute dress

So I had this fabric purchased form Fine Fabric. I am always looking for something to make that will not take forever (as I get bored quickly). This dress really fit the bill.
There was no facing of the neck line you turn it with a 5/8 seam.
After I altered and cut the pattern (I used view B), it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish.
I wore the dresses with tails back in the 70's. This one style that I simply cannot wear again, and platforms too. I don't have a single pair.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pattern Weights

You know how some times you want to be quick and dirty about making something, and you only have 2 pattern pieces and you don't want to use pins? Well I decided to pick up another pack of pattern weights. I had seen them in the store they were different colors not white like my old ones. Called Wonder Weights.

I had not purchased any because they were 15.99. Since I had a coupon for 50% off. I thought what the heck! I didn't open the pack until I got home. I had no idea they were little bean bags full of what ever. Silly me!!! 
Now here is the solution. You do need these Drtiz ones to keep your fabric from sliding, they are heavy little buggers (or you can use your tape dispenser). If you have been sewing for a long time you have at lease 4 of the old ones. They used to come 6 in a pack. 
Here is the solution: Go to home depot and pick up a few of these nuts.
They are under 1.00 each they are great weights for the pattern pieces.  However, they will not stop your fabric from sliding off the table like the Dritz weights. But if you buy a few like I did you probably wont use pins again. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Trying to get myself in the mood for spring I started searching my fav sights for inspiration for and something simple to make. I stumbled on this Ruana from J.Jill ,for a mere 89.00. Its pure cotton and cute. I love J.Jill her cloths are really for tall women but they are so elegant and made I think for mature women. Then I saw one on Talbot's site it was 89.00 also, but reduced to 59.00. I like the one on Talbots site best, because of the stripes.

These things are super easy to make. I decided to cut my neck line in a u instead of the V neck. The sizing of the ready to ware ruana's were 59"x44". I used their measurements to construct my ruana. I feel like my ruana was not long enough  for my 5"3 frame. So If you decide to make one use your tape measure.
I purchased 2 yards of fabric. Ponte what else? I have about 1/2 yard left, so it only took 1 1/2 yds.
All I can tell you is, come October, my sewing room is going to be like a factory. Every female in my family will get one of theses for Christmas. Even the kids. 
We are going to a concert this weekend this one will really come in handy with the LBD I am wearing. 


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