Thursday, October 31, 2019

LEOPARD the new black

I was reading a post on Pinterest "Leopard the new black". I though, how true this statement was, as you can never have enough nor is it ever out of season.I remember admiring my moms leopard swing coat when I was was a little girl. Today years later it is still as hot and in style, and looks good on every body type. 


I was in Marshall's and came across a cute leopard jacket (1st one). It was an XS. I put it back on rack without trying it on as I knew it wouldn't fit. As I was leaving the store, I went back to try it on. There was a lady that had it in her hands. I hovered in the area, and watched her as she held it up, just as I did and put it back on the rack and walked off. I quickly grabbed it. Needless to say it was a perfect fit. I don't believe it was an XS because I have never worn an XS (well maybe in high school). It was however a perfect fit.
So I thought I would go through some of my Leopard to see just how obsessed I am. If I didn't make it, believe me I got it for super cheap.

Made                  Bought


Scarf Made

Go through you closet to see how obsessed you are with Leopard. If you don,t have any. Better get some. My granddaughters are telling me they want some and they are 14&16. "I have lots of black too". So I don't feel bad. As a matter of fact I am going to make a long sleeve leopard dress to go with my boots.