Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why buy it when you can make it

My granddaughter who is 11 was graduating to middle school. We searched and searched for a dress for her, but couldn't find one. She is at that age where  juniors are too grown-up and little girl clothes are too little girl. After being at the mall for a few hours she finally said GeeGee, why don't you make me a dress I'm like sure why not. She pick the pattern Simplicity 1212 she pick the colors and of course she like ponte. She also asked for the exposed zipper.

Because she lives in Virginia the most difficult part was the fit.I took a scrap of ponte cut the top like a tank, used that for the fit for the neck and the armhole, which I felt was most important. this worked as if she was right there with me. We bought her a sewing machine but she only wants to sew when she comes to visit, using my machine. She has very expensive taste at such a tender age. I think this experience taught her what we as sewers have always known.

Why buy it when you can make it.
And did I mention she received the presidential award for excellence? You go Tiana.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Some things you REALLY should make

You know I always love a bargain. The other day I was in Hudson Ohio. Where they have an Ann Taylor outlet. I have been wanting a few tops that were versatile and pack well.These Tees  were  originally 59.99 each. I got them for 19.99. I walked away feeling pleased with my bargains.

 After I got back  to my hotel, I thought, I should have got a few more as they had them in all colors. And I really wanted one in white.Then the little voice in my head said  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You could have made at least 9 of those tops for 40.00. So I am thinking about this for the rest of the day. When I got home I  went through the pattern stash found Butterick 5215. I ended up making this much needed tee. In about an hour. Total cost 3.99. So yes I could have made a few more than 2.