Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fur Vest

I have had this fur in my stash. While in Paris, I noticed a lot of the women wore fur vest over their coats and sweaters which gave me the idea to make myself one.
Only problem is my vest didn't turn out so well. Its huge on me and its way too long. See my pattern review.
So I am going to take it apart and try again. Stay tuned.
Look how huge this is my whole arm is hiding.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Duster Obession

I am obsessed with dusters. I have been seeing them everywhere some lined some not. Some print some solid. So of course I had to make one.

This is my inspiration which is 124.00 pounds which is about 150.00 dollars. No lining



I wanted to cut and finish in a few hrs. I had this pattern Simplicity 4768, purchased from Jen at Moms Patterns. (she is good about sending coupons). I love the raglan sleeves and the 3/4 length sleeve. I used black ponte what else. The weather here is so unpredictable a duster is a great alternative to a sweater or a light coat. I am going through the stash to see what other colors, I need to make. The duster also looks great with jeans and flats. Yes we are still wearing flats here in the south.

The neck and sleeves were top stitched 

Who Is Denise???

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I'm a Gemini. I have 6 different personalities, they all sew. My husband is my shopping buddy. We love to travel. When we travel I always Google the local fabric shops in the area. I have fabric from all over the country. My Favorite fabric shops are in New York. I have a sewing room, which is my sanctuary. I have very expensive taste but not willing to give up the coins when I know I can make it for less. I love browsing the high end department stores for ideas and inspiration.