Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Leopard Funky Find

I haven't had a chance to get in my sewing room lately. We all know what I do when I cant sew... Yep I shop. H&M is one of my favorite places to shop. They always have great sales. We went to NYC to celebrate my 60th BD in May. Yep big 60. I found this coat on clearance. It was only 20.00 and there is no tax in NY. Boy did I need it. I carried tank tops and sandals on this trip, forgetting that although hot ATL was really hot, NYC was not.

A few weeks ago I decided to finally read this InStyle mag I had lying around. I was browsing through the pages, and low-in-behold there was a photo of  Freida Pinto by her pinto, with my leopard coat on. Of course hers was a "Dior calfskin coat" my coat is just 100% cotton, heavy cotton though, and fully lined.

Hers probably cost "price upon request".We all know I could not have made this coat for 20.00. Gonna wear my coat with some jeans 2. After all 60 is the new 45...


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Still Here

I know I have been not blogging of late. I haven't been sewing either. My Mother-in-law (like my mom) was in a horrible accident (not her fault). We have been going back and forth to Charleston to care for her. I have talked about her before she is 94 but was doing everything on her own. All your prayers are needed.

So I am paying bills and I get this pop up from Gilt I was curious about the web site as I have never heard of them. Since I make my cloths all I look for are accessories, shoes and inspiration. They had these gorgeous suede cross over shoes, which are really hot this summer.

I have had my eye on these Naturalizer cross over sandals at DSW. They are 44.95 and they come in beige and black suede. I just got a 10 coupon in the mail for my birthday. So I am going to DSW!!!
I know that we sewers love a bargain so I had to share this find. I hope the next time I post, It will be about something that I have made.
Forever21under 30.00

Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Shoe Sickness

So, I haven’t had a chance to post lately.  I started thinking about my obsession with ballerina flats. When I was on the road I was on my feet all day so they worked for me. 
Whats my excuse now???

 I will buy the most expensive ones to the supper cheap ones. New ones and gently used ones.  I just purchased this used pair from Posh for 8.00 + free shipping. 
Posh 8.00

And I also got a pair from Walmart the other day for 5.99, as I was buying dog food. Cute right? They have no support what-so-ever. "Insole" 
Walmart 5.99

Forever 21, and H&M, even Rainbow are some spots I like.  

These are my 'Wish they were Chanel"
JC Penny and Forever 21. I really love the Tan.

I like wearing them in the summer.I have sandals for summer also but if my toes are not done, I can always throw on some flats. These aren’t all of them but I thought I would share them to see if I am the only one obsessed with ballerina flats.

When I buy used ones a lot of times they are too big, so I keep a supply of insoles on hand from the Dollar Tree, and best of all I have a fresh sole. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Upholstered Bench

So I haven't been sewing lately been on a house decorating mission. I have wanted a bench for the house in Charleston for a while now.  I saw this on   Crate&Barrel  for 799. Gorgeous right?

I look at Pinterest every chance I get for ideas, saw where someone did this. I found a coffee table on Craigslist for 20.00. Sorry I didnt take a before we chopped the table pic. Sort of had the lines. After putting it together I found that I should have purchased the foam in 2 sizes 1/2 inch for sides (or none at all) and 3 inch for top. 
The foam cost more than the table.  If you decide to do this. When you purchase your foam you need to purchase 3 inch foam for the top and no foam or very thin foam for the sides. I also used quilters batting so that my glue seams would not show through the velvet.

I purchased nail head tack tape from Joanne's so that I could put it around the bottom like my inspiration picture. But my 2 inch foam was too thick on the side for the tacks to be applied. So I decided not to add the tacks on this one. 

I had some brown velvet in my stash. I am looking for another table to re-purpose.