Sunday, November 15, 2015


My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those injured  and died in Paris.
My husband and I are planing a trip to Paris next month. We were getting Txt and phone calls all day saying "Better go some place else". We cannot live our life in fear. Life goes on and this will not stop us from taking our dream trip. This could happen anywhere. You must always pray for safe travels when ever where ever you go.

Monday, October 26, 2015

My Upholstered Parson Chairs

These chairs were my inspiration chairs. I called around to get estimates from upholstery shops everyone wanted from 125.00 to 200.00 per chair WHAT!!! these chairs are 499.00 each.

My parson chairs were 10 years old and because we have been on the road for the last five years they haven’t been used. They were made of bonded leather. The leather was literally falling off the chairs. 
 It took me a minute to find the fabric. Some web sites say 1.5 yards for one chair I purchased 12 yards I have 6 chairs. I had a yard left. So you have to decide how much fabric you need. Get swatches for you chairs then take them home and lye across the top of the chairs and look at them a for a few days. The fabric will look different in your home than in the store.
Remove all the old fabric from the chairs. This will take a minute, I took longer to take the chairs apart than putting them back together.Be patient.

 Make sure you have all your tools. I cannot tell you how many times I had to remove staples so its worth it.
 Cut you pattern for the chairs. I never listen to my husband but he said I should do one chair completely then do the others. I am so glad I listened.
Here is my finished chair. I am not really pleased with my fabric choice. I am not going to stud my chairs becasue I will redo them with velvet. I needed to get these done for Thanksgiving.

These sites will help.

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