Saturday, January 10, 2015

Butterick 5559

You know I just cannot get enough of this dress. Its so easy to make and it looks like a million dollars. I had this ponte I purchased from Fine Fabric. Most of their ponte is 4.99 per yard. I didn't know what I would make when I purchased it. I was drawn to the color. I wanted to make something quick, without having to do any fitting needed for a new pattern.  After going through my patterns, I decided to make this again. Its been a while since I made it, so I went on pattern review to refresh my memory of how I did the tucks.

A few of the reviewers complained about not being able to do an FBA, believe me,  I always, always have to do some type of FBA. I thought i would share what I did.  I took out an inch in the neck front and back and re-drew the tucks to accommodate my revisions. Note how the front tuck is reduced as it gets closer to the bottom. I have large bust and small shoulders. This issue always cause my neckline to gape.
Because the ponte is so forgiving you can manipulate the tucks any way you need to.
Finished product

Coco had to get in on the action

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Burda 7072

I made this coat, It appears that I did a pattern review but didn't blog about it. So here I am again with this pattern. I was very frustrated with it when I made it back in 2013. I had this beautiful Wool Cashmere purchased from Material World in NYC. I think I paid 18.00 per yard. I purchased it in camel, brown and off white. I was going to make this Chloe coat with the off white then, I asked myself how practical would it be to have an off white coat?

 So I decided to make another Burda 7072 change a few things I didn't like on the previous coat.  My love for  Valley of the Dolls, and my long gloves  this is what I came up with.
So I put together my own  Chole/Valley Of The Dolls/Leather gloves.