Monday, June 30, 2014

Obsessed with this dress

Here I go again with this dress. Because I am a when I find something I like, I love it. Hubby and I had an Anniversary celebration to attend on Saturday, it was semi formal. Although I had several dresses I could have worn, I wanted to make this dress(again) but didn't have enough fabric to do the sleeves:). So I decided to make it sleeveless. Lucky for me. I always love these types of sleeves. Donna Karen says that a woman's shoulders never gain weight. I received so many complements on it. Again it took me about an hour.
Hubby looks so handsome

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fine Fabric

So we had to put or dog to sleep Saturday. I have been crying for the last 4 days to the point were I couldn't see. I decided to get out of the house and take my mind off Trixie. In one of my funky post back when I was trying to get back in the groove, Faye Lewis from Faye's sewing adventure blog mentioned Fine Fabric here in Atlanta. So I decided to get in the car and take a drive. OMG. I cannot believe I have been in Atlanta for over 30 years and

have passed this place a million times and never went in there. I still had my mind on Trixie but at least I wasn't crying.  I walked out there only  3 pieces of fabric. All  I can say is the only reason I will shop Joann's  or Hancock again is for patterns.Thanks Faye