Monday, July 22, 2019

The Perfect Jumpsuit

I have wanted a jumpsuit for a while. There are so many looks on the runway, but there aren’t as many patterns as there should be for the popularity of late. I came across  this jumpsuit McCall’s 7910.

The fabric requirement was 4 way stretch. There was no zipper. I wanted to use fabric in my stash, I didn’t have any 4 way, so I use what I had. We all know what I had was Ponte😊. In my research for the perfect pattern I wanted it to fit properly. The last one I made the crouch was almost to my knees.

I did my normal FBA. 

I added bias trim (from the fabric), as in the 1st fitting the girls were highly exposed. 

I came in about an inch at the hem and graded back up to my size, for a more tapered look.  Most jumpsuits have a zipper in back. I am thinking, who’s going to zip me up in ladies’ room with a back zipper? So I made my zipper on the side. You don't need a zipper if you use 4 way stretch.

Our granddaughters were visiting, the oldest liked the pattern so I made her one as well. She wanted view 1+5 with the wide legs.  Her Ponte had a little more ease than mine.

I had issues getting into mine. Thank god for stretch stitch. She had no problem with getting in and out but hers. She said she wanted to wear a tank top with hers.


This is a very easy pattern to make.I realized the possibilities are endless. So stay tuned  for my Jumpsuit Craze......