Monday, August 22, 2016

Consew 206-RB2

Well I finally did it. I sold my singer 281 industrial machine for an upgrade. I have been looking at walking foot sewing machines for the past month. These machines sew the thickest leather and most car upholstery shops use them. You can sew everything except very light fabric, and knits.

What made me upgrade? I have been looking for a nice suede hand bag for the last 2 years. The ones I like were 800 up, and nothing fancy about them. So this year I started looking for my bag and buddy husband said, I don't see why you don't make a suede bag you make everything else. And if you follow my blog you know he's always right.

I found a brand new Tac-sew walking foot machine online for 798, I was going to purchase the Tacsew but after doing some research, I found that they have quite a few issues even the new ones. I was able to find a used Consew machine for 899 locally. Of course you know I didn't want to pay that for a used machine. Then I thought "Would you rather have a used Mercedes Benz in excellent shape? Or a Brand New Honda".
I opted for the Benz. She is beautiful. In addition to the machine, I purchased the servo motor which is so quiet that you don't know that the machine is on. You can dial the speed to go as slow as you want or as fast as you want. I ended up paying a little more than 1,100 I am sure I am going to love driving my used Mercedes.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

McCalls 5801 For the love of Chambray,

I made this dress back in 2013, (different fabric) even wrote a pattern review. I wanted to make, the top below (Simplicity 8137).

I am digging relentlessly  in my stash because I knew I had this chambray purchased at Walmart in Goldsboro NC
 (I remember because our daughter was stationed there and Walmart was one of the few places to buy fabric. I paid 1.00 per yard but it was in 3 pieces.) I knew when I purchased the fabric that I was going to make this dress. BUT I FORGOT I MADE IT!

Anyway,  as is was digging I found this dress (McCalls5801) instead of the chambray pieces. I had completed the dress except for adding the snaps on the front closure. I was a little disappointed that I had used the chambray but thrilled that I had a new garment. What a find.

Simplicity 8137
Long story short I finished the dress, but still wanted some chambray to make this top. I did find some at JoAnne, paid a little more than 1.00 per yd but I am ok with it.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Simplicity 2444

 I have been out of sorts lately, busy with summer, family gatherings, cook out's, you know everything but sewing.  I have been watching Mad Men on Netflix. I remembered, that I purchased a piece of fabric years ago that, at the time, it reminded me of something Betty Draper would wear.

I always go to pattern review once I decied on a pattern, to see what issues if any, my fellow sewers had with the pattern. No one mentioned the wide, neckline.
First of all I had to figure out how to do an FBA with this pattern. I always have to do an FBA and address gaping necklines lines.   I knew the neck line would be huge. But I loved that is was sort of boat neck.


I did my muslin fit and found the neck line was not only huge, but the center back waist of the bodice dropped like I had on a tuxedo. In order to fix this, I shortened it about an inch in the center and graded down to the sides. I reduced the neckline by an inch on the bodice front and back. I also graded that down so, that I didn't lose any room for the girls. I must have cut size a 20. My motto is make it larger you can always take in but you cant take it out.

Bodice Back

So here is the finished product. I haven't sewed cotton fabric in so long, I almost forgot how to use my serger. I am really loving this pattern right now. I can think of four different fabric choices in my stash, that I can use. But on to the next pattern. (I HOPE)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Pattern Review Pants Contest

So I entered this contest thinking, I would make 2 or 3 pair pants. NOT! I made one pair carpi pants that took me a minute to make because of the Gaping in the back. We all know what that is right? Its when you put on a pair jeans and you want to put 2 darts in the waist because you have so much extra fabric in the middle.
Take a look at this, I always add an inch in the back seam and grade down the sides. I also take out 1/2 inch. The pattern I used for the contest was suppose to be easy. I didn't do a muslin, which I should have. At least I had something to enter the contest.
If you dont have this book in your collection its a must.
This was a stretch cotton so I could have made them tighter. I figure when they are washed they will tighten up. Not very pleased with these. One thing for sure these will not be a REDO!!!!



2016 Pants Contest