Saturday, May 16, 2015

Some things you REALLY should make

You know I always love a bargain. The other day I was in Hudson Ohio. Where they have an Ann Taylor outlet. I have been wanting a few tops that were versatile and pack well.These Tees  were  originally 59.99 each. I got them for 19.99. I walked away feeling pleased with my bargains.

 After I got back  to my hotel, I thought, I should have got a few more as they had them in all colors. And I really wanted one in white.Then the little voice in my head said  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You could have made at least 9 of those tops for 40.00. So I am thinking about this for the rest of the day. When I got home I  went through the pattern stash found Butterick 5215. I ended up making this much needed tee. In about an hour. Total cost 3.99. So yes I could have made a few more than 2. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Flowers Bring Pretty Dresses

My mind is on trees and flowers and cute dresses for spring. I  made this dress before in red satin with black beaded trim an evening dress. I also made one with short sleeves in black pique. I decided to make it again. After I take the time and alter the pattern with my FBA its very easy to make again and again, especially when it fits so nice. I purchased this fabric from some fabric store's bin for 1.00 per yard. I purchased about 3 yards but after cutting around the flaws I only had enough to make this dress. Its some type of rayon fabric.
The pattern is Simplicity 2404

 Donna Karen said that a woman never gains weight in her shoulders, This dress really accents the shoulders.