Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Five days of travel one small bag

Those of you who follow me know that I sometimes travel for work.I carry a 20 inch suitcase that can fit in the overhead. I never put it in the overhead because I have toiletries that are larger than 2oz. A friend asked me in one of our T3's (train the trainer), how do I have such small bag. So I thought I would share this with you so, on your next trip you don't have to take a months worth of clothes for a weeks stay. 

You will need:
                       2 Dresses
                       2 Jackets
                       1 Top or white shirt (I always take both just in case I spill
                       1 Pair jeans which I wear on plane and wear to play.
                       1 Pair pants either grey or black (depending on dress
                           code) I aways take a pair of grey pants as my office is
                           usually, very conservative. (I change into my jeans
                           @ airport if I have time)

Travel Day, you want a jacket as its always cold on the plane or maybe its because, I don't have any hair?
DAY 1 and 2
You would be surprised how you can go in the same office on Monday, and wear the same thing on Wednesday  and it looks different.

DAY 3 and 4

There go those infinity scarves remember, I blogged about what to do with those scraps.
Day 5 Travel day .This is where I change into jeans at airport I would have on my grey or black pants for office.

Boots, (now days you can wear boots year round).  Pumps, Flats Like what I have on for my travel day.

This hand bag is large enough for everything i need.

I either wear flats or boots for travel and play.Pumps or flats for work. These ferragamos have just the right heel for being on your feet all day (best investment I have ever made). I  hate taking my shoes off bare feet on airport floor.. But if you do have to take your shoes off wear boots and socks. So your feet don't have to touch the floor of the airport (i'm funny about that).
And it all fits in this tiny, tiny suitcase.
With plenty room to pack what ever you buy on your trip.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Wrap Dress

I was watching the Book Club movie and Jane Fonda had on the prettiest leopard wrap dress that look as if it was made from TissueFaille.   I started thinking about Diane von Furstenberg and her wrap dresses, that were so iconic back in the 70s. They are flattering to any figure, versatile and easy to pack and style.To this day these dresses are still a staple. This is my version. I had the Jersey in my stash of leopard (yes I love leopard so much until I have a bin of leopard)

I haven’t been sewing lately, and to get me back in the mood I wanted something easy. Looking at Diane’s wraps with a hefty price of 498.00. I used McCall’s7662 pattern. I Glanced at the guide sheet  just to see how they were putting the dress together and I lost it 😟, so I had to wing it. I made a few changes but overall I’m very please with the design and the dress.

Changes I made:
  • FBA, adjustment 
  • Made my belt to go all the way around my waist and wider (instead of the 2 ties).
  • Didn't add the band on sleeve, Also took out the ease from the sleeve.
  • Did not add the band around the waist. (probably the reason it was so short)
  • Did not close the bottom the way the guide sheet said (if you needed to pull the dress tighter closing the bottom would cause bunching of fabric.
The next dress I will add at least 3 inches or make the long dress.I really like this pattern.
 I’m thinking I’ll probably make a few long sleeve tops from this pattern for the winter. You can always rock a scarf or camisole under.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

What to do about the scraps Part2

So when we were caring for my my mother-in-law, she wanted to give christmas gifts to all of her nurses and home health nurses at 3 different doctors offices 😉. She noticed that I was wearing an infinity scarf, of course she wanted all the nurses to have one.
I am talking 13 scarfs.

Friday, March 23, 2018

My Easy Jacket

So after my last post, Sarah wanted to know what pattern is used for this jacket. I noticed that I never gave any information for my jackets. This is for you Sarah. I used Simplicity 4768 Vintage pattern.

I have made six of them from this pattern, although this Pattern will probably be hard to fine,  there are a lot of similar patterns out there. Just look for a raglan sleeve jacket, what I love about this pattern its it has darts in the sleeve. You never know how much that helps with the hanging of this sleeve. One of my favorite Vintage shops is momspatterns if you sign up she has great sales, and she always include a trinket in your order. 
The trick with some vintage patterns is they run very oddly. So I would suggest if you’re going to make something with a vintage pattern that you do a Muslim fit before you cut your fabric. I don’t know how sizes ran back in the 50s but every vintage pattern that I’ve tried the fit was all wrong. It didn’t matter if I got a size too small or size too big.

I wanted to share my latest item I made from the same Simplicity 4768. I made it back when I was obsessed with leopard (still am) but never had time to blog about it, nor have I worn it. Its velvet, don't you love this fabric?  I purchased the fabric on eBay, it was 30.00 per yard. I watched it for 2 weeks before I broke down and purchased it LOL, I am so glad I did, its perfect for this crazy weather we are having right now..