Sunday, March 25, 2018

What to do about the scraps Part2

So when we were caring for my my mother-in-law, she wanted to give christmas gifts to all of her nurses and home health nurses at 3 different doctors offices 😉. She noticed that I was wearing an infinity scarf, of course she wanted all the nurses to have one.
I am talking 13 scarfs.

Friday, March 23, 2018

My Easy Jacket

So after my last post, Sarah wanted to know what pattern is used for this jacket. I noticed that I never gave any information for my jackets. This is for you Sarah. I used Simplicity 4768 Vintage pattern.

I have made six of them from this pattern, although this Pattern will probably be hard to fine,  there are a lot of similar patterns out there. Just look for a raglan sleeve jacket, what I love about this pattern its it has darts in the sleeve. You never know how much that helps with the hanging of this sleeve. One of my favorite Vintage shops is momspatterns if you sign up she has great sales, and she always include a trinket in your order. 
The trick with some vintage patterns is they run very oddly. So I would suggest if you’re going to make something with a vintage pattern that you do a Muslim fit before you cut your fabric. I don’t know how sizes ran back in the 50s but every vintage pattern that I’ve tried the fit was all wrong. It didn’t matter if I got a size too small or size too big.

I wanted to share my latest item I made from the same Simplicity 4768. I made it back when I was obsessed with leopard (still am) but never had time to blog about it, nor have I worn it. Its velvet, don't you love this fabric?  I purchased the fabric on eBay, it was 30.00 per yard. I watched it for 2 weeks before I broke down and purchased it LOL, I am so glad I did, its perfect for this crazy weather we are having right now..

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What to do about all those scraps

I have been obsessed with this St Johns Jacket, so I finally made one. This jacket was made from Ponte.
If you are like I am you love Ponte knit (it can’t get enough of it). I always buy much more than I need because I love the fabric, and then decide what to make later. With that being said I always have scraps of Ponte left over from my projects. Instead of tossing them I have a tendency to keep them. So I came up with this brilliant idea to make some color block tops.

I made this jacket I had a little fabric left over so I decided to make a T-shirt. The second thing I had to decide was, what color pants would I wear when I wear with this jacket.  I had a piece of brown scrap lying around and I’m talking 5/8 of a yard or less. It was the perfect match to my brown pants.  

So tell me what you think. Do you have some scraps laying around? Don't toss them, be creative.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

No More Leopard

I found this article in Real Simple and had to share. This is for you Tomasa, LOL.