Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Shoe Sickness

So, I haven’t had a chance to post lately.  I started thinking about my obsession with ballerina flats. When I was on the road I was on my feet all day so they worked for me. 
Whats my excuse now???

 I will buy the most expensive ones to the supper cheap ones. New ones and gently used ones.  I just purchased this used pair from Posh for 8.00 + free shipping. 
Posh 8.00

And I also got a pair from Walmart the other day for 5.99, as I was buying dog food. Cute right? They have no support what-so-ever. "Insole" 
Walmart 5.99

Forever 21, and H&M, even Rainbow are some spots I like.  

These are my 'Wish they were Chanel"
JC Penny and Forever 21. I really love the Tan.

I like wearing them in the summer.I have sandals for summer also but if my toes are not done, I can always throw on some flats. These aren’t all of them but I thought I would share them to see if I am the only one obsessed with ballerina flats.

When I buy used ones a lot of times they are too big, so I keep a supply of insoles on hand from the Dollar Tree, and best of all I have a fresh sole. 

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Tomasa said...

Ha! It seems like a harmless obsession to me. Good thing is you will most likely have a pair of flats to go with just about every ensemble - enjoy!