Saturday, January 28, 2017

Upholstered Bench

So I haven't been sewing lately been on a house decorating mission. I have wanted a bench for the house in Charleston for a while now.  I saw this on   Crate&Barrel  for 799. Gorgeous right?

I look at Pinterest every chance I get for ideas, saw where someone did this. I found a coffee table on Craigslist for 20.00. Sorry I didnt take a before we chopped the table pic. Sort of had the lines. After putting it together I found that I should have purchased the foam in 2 sizes 1/2 inch for sides (or none at all) and 3 inch for top. 
The foam cost more than the table.  If you decide to do this. When you purchase your foam you need to purchase 3 inch foam for the top and no foam or very thin foam for the sides. I also used quilters batting so that my glue seams would not show through the velvet.

I purchased nail head tack tape from Joanne's so that I could put it around the bottom like my inspiration picture. But my 2 inch foam was too thick on the side for the tacks to be applied. So I decided not to add the tacks on this one. 

I had some brown velvet in my stash. I am looking for another table to re-purpose. 

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