Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jonesing For a Jumpsuit

We all know that jumpsuits are back in a big way. I wanted one back when I was traveling but never found the right one. So I browsed Neiman Marcus site for inspiration simple is best.
Jumpsuit's are one of those things that you don't have to think about. You just put it on and go. Or as my wise 10 year old granddaughter says, "I love them, they one piece". Of course she is talking romper. But she was right!
I found this vintage,  Simplicity8510 pattern circa 1998. I really like the simplicity of the suit. There was only one problem, it zips from the back! Can you imagine having to go to the potty at a party? So I had to change that.
Back View

I made the back high like the front added an invisible zipper. I did a muslin fit because jumpsuits are tricky with the length. I am short and I didn't want the crotch to hang at my knees. Trying on the pattern doesn't work for me. Does that work for anybody?
To my surprise I did not have to adjust the crotch at all. I had 4 yds of blue ponte in my stash. The muslin was a little snug, so I used my serger, so that I would have a little ease. I also didn't make my legs as wide as the pattern.

I am happy with the way it turned out. I have worn it several times. The fit is so good, I don't have to wear a belt. If I ever get back on the road again, I have to have at-least a few of these.  


Faye Lewis said...

I've never tried pattern fitting because I think I would tear the pattern to pieces. I agree, making a muslin is much better for me. Your new jumpsuit is gorgeous, great choice of fabric.

Tomasa said...

I have tried pattern fitting but I find that making a muslin gives me a more accurate read than paper. Your jumpsuit is gorgeous!!!