Monday, August 22, 2016

Consew 206-RB2

Well I finally did it. I sold my singer 281 industrial machine for an upgrade. I have been looking at walking foot sewing machines for the past month. These machines sew the thickest leather and most car upholstery shops use them. You can sew everything except very light fabric, and knits.

What made me upgrade? I have been looking for a nice suede hand bag for the last 2 years. The ones I like were 800 up, and nothing fancy about them. So this year I started looking for my bag and buddy husband said, I don't see why you don't make a suede bag you make everything else. And if you follow my blog you know he's always right.

I found a brand new Tac-sew walking foot machine online for 798, I was going to purchase the Tacsew but after doing some research, I found that they have quite a few issues even the new ones. I was able to find a used Consew machine for 899 locally. Of course you know I didn't want to pay that for a used machine. Then I thought "Would you rather have a used Mercedes Benz in excellent shape? Or a Brand New Honda".
I opted for the Benz. She is beautiful. In addition to the machine, I purchased the servo motor which is so quiet that you don't know that the machine is on. You can dial the speed to go as slow as you want or as fast as you want. I ended up paying a little more than 1,100 I am sure I am going to love driving my used Mercedes.  


Robin said...

Wow! Now that's serious sewing! Congratulations!

Denise Smith said...

Thank you I am supper excited

Faye Lewis said...

Wonderful upgrade, Congrats!

Tomasa said...

Enjoy your beautiful machine! I wish I could have one but I don't have enough room in my small house - someday though...someday :)

Anonymous said...

Sew nice!! What a prize! Look forward to seeing your new bag. Mary

Anonymous said...

How much would you like for your machine? i have $1000.00