Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Everything Old is New Again

I recently covered an old leather chair in my study. I didn't take a before and after picture of it because I always forget. My niece came over and saw the chair and loved it. She had been after me to cover a chair that belonged to her grandmother.  When I saw the chair I wanted to say "Honey you need to donate this chair" but because it had sentimental value to her, I didn't say what I was thinking. I am trying to work on my say what ever I am thinking attitude. LOL

I surprised myself because it really turned out better that I thought. We purchased the fabric from Lewis Textiles here in Atlanta. She paid about 20.00 per yard for it.  I really wanted some type of stripe taffeta, I thought it would make the chair pop. We couldn't find any in her color scheme. So she selected the orange. I was out shopping and found the piping. I paid 2.00 for a 20 yard roll. I think it gave the chair a little drama, and the pop that I wanted. 

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Tomasa said...

Wow - that's impressive!