Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coats Coats and more coats.

Around this time of year the leaves are turning it makes me think about fall. I always go through my closet to take an assessment of  what I have, vs what I need/what I want in my closet. Last year while in NY my office was across from 9West. Every year I always add a pair boots to my fall wardrobe. This year I don't have to do that, I added quite a few pair last year. 8 pair to be exact. You can never go wrong with boots.

So this year I am loving the new plain coats with the 3/4 length sleeves, like this Chole coat. And I also love the LV Suede Doctor Bag,

Although I wont be spending the 2,000 for the bag I am sure I can find something similar. 

The coat is a different story. I am using Burda pattern which I reviewed back in March 2013. The only changes I need to make is to make the coat longer and instead of the patch pocket on the original pattern,  I will make the seam pockets. I have some off white mink/cashmere which was purchased in the Garment district last year. I also have brown in the same fabric.
So it depends on if I can find these darn gloves. I have then in black, but I need them in taupe.

I can't pull off this look with the short sleeves without the gloves.
Giambattista Vali


Faye Lewis said...

I know, I think the coat bug has bitten me too, and of all things I want a white one. Not at all practical for me, but the fabric's already in the stash and I think now is the time. I'm sure your coat will be beautiful upon completion!

Tomasa said...

Beautiful coat. I agree about the gloves. Keep looking because once you find them, it will be such a gorgeous look!

Denise Smith said...

Well that didn't take long to find the gloves.