Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Never ending hut for fabric

Ok we know that it’s time for our fall sewing. I had a favorite fabric store that went out of business about 4 months ago. I was searching for new fabric stores in my area. I do this every 6 months or so just to see if there are any stores open.  I came across SOUL fabric shop @ 279 Candler Rd SE Atlanta, GA 30317 Formally discount fabric.  I thought this address looks familiar. I called them to find out their location and to my surprise my store reopened. Now this place is nothing to look at from the outside and the area of town is questionable. But if you know your fabric you can get some really, really good deals.
Like this faux leather snake fabric I got for 10.00 it was 7.00 per yard but he gave it to me the whole piece for 10.00 because it was cut funky. I have about 2 yards and its 60 inches wide. I haven’t decided what I am making yet. If you’re ever in Atlanta make it a point to visit this store. Make your way to this store; they have everything from faux leather, silk, lace, wool jersey

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