Monday, August 15, 2011

Dresses for the girls

When I made Easter dresses back in April, I told my granddaughters that I would make them a dress a month for them to wear to church. I was on the phone with them the other day, the oldest kindly reminded me that they have not received a dress since Easter. When they were with me last month we went to Joann’s and they picked fabric for dresses.
Simplicity 2460

When their mother saw the black and white she thought it was to grown for the oldest granddaughter but I knew that it would be beautiful and so did my granddaughter (she's the fashionista in training). The little one kept picking out fabric with numbers and animals on it. So our word for that day was inappropriate.  Anyway they turned out really good haven’t seen how they fit yet but I will keep you posted. BTW all the fabric came out of the quilting section of the store.
Simplicity 2320

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Shelly said...

Cute dresses! I love the black one. I'm sure your granddaughters will look gorgeous in them.