Friday, August 12, 2011

Gearing up for fall

When the September issue of the fashion magazines hit the stands, we sewers know that it’s time for us to put away our summer projects and start working on fall garments. One item that I will be wearing this fall is the slim pants. Since I am short it’s very hard for me to find a pair that fit without having to alter. They either look high water or ridiculous.I was window shopping on line and found a pair pants for 89.00. They were on sale for 20% off which would have been the amazing price of 71.00. They weren't even lined . The fabric was rayon and spandex. I went to my local fabric store and for 47.00 I got 2 pair pants and enough fabric to make a dress. For my paints I found some wool with spandex black, and royal blue cotton rayon with spandex. And some incredible leopard print.



Shelly said...

I love the look of slim pants but my body shape does not allow me to wear them. They look terrible on me (at least in my eyes they do) so I prefer a wider leg.

Isn't it great that we can get so much more for less money just because we make it ourselves.

Denise Smith said...

I think anyone can ware them. It just depends on what you ware with them. I love tunics and jackets.