Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Button, button who has the button????

Some that have been bagged
Still working on these
I do... I was browsing my local fabric shop the other day and they had a truck load of buttons you count them, you bag them. They were 1 cents a button. The 1st day I brought 500, the next day I brought 300 then I went back and got 200 more. I thought about how expensive buttons are these days which sent me back after the 1st trip. Since my grand daughters are still with me, I thought they might enjoy separating them and bagging them. NOT. Well one helped and the other had no interest at all.  Then I thought I have a cake pan full of buttons that I purchased a few yrs ago (same fabric store). So I started the daunting task of separating them, myself. I cant tell you how many I have, but it should keep me out of the button department for a very long time. Or maybe not LOL.

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