Friday, January 28, 2011


OK we all know how much I love Chanel or anything that looks, smell or feel like Chanel. I was browsing a magazine the other day and had to get my magnifying glass to look at the details of the jacket. I could not believe it had holes in it. After further investigation, I found it to be true that holes were cut in the jackets. 
It was as though Lagerfeld had taken scissors to Chanel—or maybe unleashed a cloud of ninja moths. The first outfits were riddled with holes that recalled Rei Kawakubo's "new lace," so radical in the early eighties. After the show, the designer said new fabrics were one of his touchstones for the collection, but he distressed them with selvedge, ragged edges, and a lattice of perforations. Per Tim Blanks

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