Saturday, January 3, 2015

Burda 7072

I made this coat, It appears that I did a pattern review but didn't blog about it. So here I am again with this pattern. I was very frustrated with it when I made it back in 2013. I had this beautiful Wool Cashmere purchased from Material World in NYC. I think I paid 18.00 per yard. I purchased it in camel, brown and off white. I was going to make this Chloe coat with the off white then, I asked myself how practical would it be to have an off white coat?

 So I decided to make another Burda 7072 change a few things I didn't like on the previous coat.  My love for  Valley of the Dolls, and my long gloves  this is what I came up with.
So I put together my own  Chole/Valley Of The Dolls/Leather gloves.


Mrs K said...

I loved the styles from Valley of the Dolls. I think the older movies have the best styles. Today's movies are into showing too much skin and not enough style. Love your coat!

Faye Lewis said...

Very classy and the gloves tops it off just right!

Tomasa said...

Love the whole ensemble. Very chic, classy and glamorous!

Myra said...

Very cute love the look!