Saturday, October 18, 2014

Revisiting yesterday

I recently had nasal surgery.This is the reason I haven't been sewing. My mother-in-law who is more like my mother came to take care of me she's 92,  but you wouldn't know it.She still drives and gets around pretty good. She loves vintage movies probably because she's vintage. We started watching Valley of the Dolls (NETFLIX), this started a conversation about the women and men  back  in the day, the gloves the hats what sophistication. And Tailors on every corner she said. Mom said they wore white gloves when they went shopping or for tea. I started thinking about my love of vintage. Take a look at some of the outfits from Valley of the dolls if you have never seen this movie it's a must see.
 I remember the first time I wore vintage, I didn't know it was vintage then, it was back in the early 70's all I knew was, my mom like to shop at the thrift store, and I liked it too. I won best dressed in my senior year in high school all because of what we now call vintage. I developed the taste at 16 for wiggle dresses with the jackets to match, twin sets, and pencil skirts.  I didn't know that this would lead me in a path of the finer things in life. I still occasionally venture into the local thrift stores now and again, but its not like it used to be back in the day.

 Take at look at some of my vintage
Those boots are made for walking

Black Cashmere from Paris circa 50's Suede coat circa 65

These furs belong to my mom circa I have no idea
This is faux fur don't know how old this one is

Necklace was strung with thread had to restring
Happy with the results 


Faye Lewis said...

VERY NICE vintage pieces.

Tomasa said...

Love all of your vintage pieces - gorgeous!