Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ideas, Ideas

Its amazing where we sewers get our ideas and inspirations from. I had this orange ponte fabric that I purchased while in NY. I only bought 1-1/2 yards which I normally do. The odd thing about this fabric is,  it was only 48 inches wide.

I was leaving an appointment the other day and Coldwater Creek was going out of business. They had this necklace that was $70.00 with 60% off. I didn't buy it because, I am cheap and I though $28.00 was too much.Then after getting home, I thought about these sandals that I haven't worn. I thought they would look great with the necklace and really good with the orange ponte.
This is where the brown zipper came from. Not that I didn't have a orange zipper but when you sew, you create one of a kind garments.   I wanted a dress that I could throw on to run to the store. I also wanted it have the sleeves like a razor back tank. I used Vogue 8241. And I made my dress flair. I also have some cute brown ballerina flats that look really good with the dress.
I had this dress on earlier and I must have gotten 4 complements on the dress/color.Oh I forgot to add, that I didn't go back to Cold Water Creek until the next week,  and this time the necklace was 90% off. So it was meant to be!!!


Tomasa said...

Love your dress. The color looks great on you. I love everything about your outfit! Your styling is spot on! Beautiful!

Eileen said...

You look lovely AND so put together! Funny where inspiration comes from sometime.........

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I smiled when I saw your dress. Great look and styling.