Thursday, May 1, 2014

Great to have friends you don't know, who give good advise.

Well thanks to Faye and theknitmachinequeen , I got my GROOVE back. They both gave me excellent advise which I followed. Although I didn't need to buy anymore fabric. You see I have my own store down stairs. I could't  help but purchase this fabric to match these pants I made last summer and never found the right top to go with them.I can tell I am back because I started sweating a sure sign of adrenaline.
Feels good to be back.


Faye Lewis said...

Way to go, that's a beautiful top - and pants too if I might say. Matter of factly I wore a pair that same color today - made last summer. So glad you pushed through. Lets see more. More. More.

Towanda said...

Welcome back. Great outfit.