Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Its Official

I have lost my groove and don't know how to get it back. I have been off the road for 2 months now and I only go in my sewing room to iron. I have great ideas but just haven't implemented  them. I have been looking at magazines, pattern review, on other sewing blogs. Even took a few trips to Joann's Nothing I guess one way to start is by cleaning my sewing room YUCK!!!. I have stuff everywhere. It has not had a deep clean since I started traveling in 2011. I have soooooo much fabric until if I buy another bend I probably will have to move. Not to mention all the items purchased when i was in NY.
My husband says I am still coming down from being on the road for so long. So he took me to see Carlos Santana over the weekend which was great. Beautiful night we have a great venue here which is outside. I packed a nice  basket of Tapas, made some sangria the concert was good.
But that didn't help me get my groove back.



Faye Lewis said...

I know that when you are in a sewing slump that EVERYBODY says just relax and take a break. Everybody except me of course, when it happens to me - and it does from time to time, I fight (sew)myself through it. That is the time that I go with easy projects, maybe a couple of easy sew knit tops from some guaranteed TNT patterns to match some of the things you already have in the closet. And since you live in ATL I know you already know about Fine Fabrics in Norcross - I hear it's a great place for fabric choices. That should get you motivated. Hope you have a break through really soon cause I really know how gruesome it feels when we can't sew.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Sometimes I think the messiness of my sewing rooms kills my mood. I agree that you should start by trying to clean up. Once you start touching and feeling your sewing supplies and finding and putting things in their place, it might indeed get you back into the mood!