Saturday, September 14, 2013

Zipper Update

In my last post I was so excited about the zipper stops I found. Well I have to tell you that I found another place to purchase my zippers. I had been there before but didn’t pick up a business card. And in NY you have to pick up a card and make notes on the back. This place sells all colors and sizes. And get this. I thought I was all that because I purchased zipper stops for 10 cents each. How about this place sells the stops at 100 for 6.00. I cannot tell you how I felt. They sell bronze, silver and gold teeth zippers. I purchased these 36inch separating zippers for 3.50 each. And she gave me 4 stops free because, of course I didn’t want 36 inch separating zippers. The store is called SIL Thread Inc. Check them out. The folks there are super nice and the zippers are really reasonable. And you can order on line.

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