Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Missing In Action (again)

Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that for a little while I won’t be sewing as much. I am on the road again. Fortunately for me, I am in NYC. Last week was the 1st week here. I could not let the week go by without going to Mood. I was not going to buy anything. I just wanted to check it out  from top to bottom, and marvel at all the fabric. Then I saw this roll of Oscar de la Renta fabric. I was the very last 2 yards on the roll so I had to buy it. It was a beautiful fuchsia heavy cotton jacquard. I plan on making a jacket one day:)

Yep its the red coat. Had to tone my hair down for work.

I told myself that, every day when I got off work, I would check out at least one fabric store. Needless to say Mood has been the only store that I have had time to visit, and its been almost 2 weeks. I figure, while I am at home for a few hours, I can whip up a skirt or dress.  After all I am still doing the RTW busters. I pass by MJ Trim every day which is a good thing but I also pass H&M, Macys, Jcrew, Lord and Taylor, Joe Fresh and I can go on HELP ME!!!! 
I will buy Trim instead of cloths

Please hang in there with me. I promise I will continue to blog, if only about fabric stores , and how much I miss my sewing room. And if you are looking or need something special  and cant find it, while I am here let me know. email me

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