Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Looking for Mr. Ponte Roma

I got off today in search of yellow Ponte roma.  I will only have time to make a 2 hr max garment. I wanted to make a yellow simple knit dress to match my yellow jacket . I went to at least 5 fabric stores including Mood. I found all sorts of yellow, but not yellow ponte. Anyway needless to say I did not walk away empty handed. I found this gorgeous black and beige fabric for 6.00 a yard the guy told me it used to be used by GAP (whatever). Anyway no tax no receipt so, I am sure I will never be able to find the store again.
After being disappointed that I could not find my fabric, I stopped by Pacific Trim Purchased some zipper pulls for 1.00 each and a few ends belt ends. I am telling you they had better get me out of this place.

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asisewit said...

Cute, cute zipper pulls, and that fabric is yummy! ~Teri