Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is the top the model below is wearing
  I had the pleasure of going to a fashion show yesterday at Neiman Marcus. You know that I surf the web to get inspiration for my sewing. This designer Edward Wilkerson of Lafayette148NY did some lambskin tunic tops, that were soft and light enough to wear in this hot weather we have here in Atlanta. I was truly inspired by the show and the prints he did. I especially like the bleeker pants, they elongate your frame. His clothes are offered in plus size and petites. I love these pants so much. I asked him could I wear them, he said of course you can darling I make them to fit you. I stay away from crop pants because I am so short. I think the trick to pulling theses pants off is heels or flats. Check out some of his pieces.  I wanted you to see the exposed zipper. The zipper unzips from both ends.This green is in this spring. Also Orange is the new neutral.
Get ready for color.

This leather feels like cotton

The designer with a few of his models.

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asisewit said...

A fashion show! What fun. Those pants are very cute.