Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby almost here

6612 Mc Calls
 My daughter in law is pregnant so I made a few maternity tops for her. The 1st one I used McCall's 6612. This pattern was suitable for maternity, but now a days the mommys are showing that tummy so just about any pattern these days is suitable, as long as it stretch. I love this fabric it looks like Missoni and it sews beautifully. I did have to change the needle twice. I love the elastic on the side.
The next top I used old fateful Donna Karen Vogue 1119. I have made this top so many times until I purchased some pattern paper and copied the pattern. This pattern is tattered so bad. I should get some cardboard and make this pattern. Its been discontinued so I cant purchase it any more. But I love it. Marci cant decide which one she likes the best. Which means I did my job.....

1119 Vogue


marysews said...

I really love the first fabric!

Myra said...

I love both tops, but I really like the colors of the first one! Your daughter-in-law is sooooo cute pregnant! Also, she has a great mother-in-law to help out with clothing her during this time!!!

Denise Smith said...

Thanks Myra, This one is a boy so we are super excited.