Thursday, March 1, 2012


Every one has been asking about the labels in my clothes. Well its a long story but here's the short of it. I live in Atlanta but we also have a home in Charleston.  Hence the name of the lable. I not only sew for myself but others as well here and in Charleston, alterations, dressmaking etc...  Since I have 6 personalities and they all sew why not add one of the personalities to the label since she does the work too!
Any way the labels are from Charm Labels. I think the labels make anything you make look professional.


Sassy T said...

Nice labels. Am not at that experience where I would put labels in my clothes. Got a lot of learning to do. Long for the day when I can with pride.

Denise Smith said...

I think because you made it you have the right to pur your name on it. Claim It!