Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obsessed with Lace

Lace 870.00
I have been looking at some of the fashion on my favorite site NY Magazine . I am obsessed with all things lace. About a year ago while while we were in Charleston I was looking for a black lace skirt to ware to a function that was out doors on the Battery in spring. I could not find the skirt and I was willing to pay 75.00 for it. (Desperate)I ended up wearing something else. I did however, find some black lace when i got home and made my skirt for less than half the price the price of 75.00

 Anyway I found this nude skirt on line for 870.00.  I am having a hard time finding this lace on line. Any ideas as to where I can get some???? I love the color love the zipper.
Take look at my little black skirt. Not a pencil skirt but cute any way.

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Me! said...

That is one cute little black skirt. Enjoying your blog. Tyna