Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trying to start the year off right!!

So the holidays are almost over. Hubby and I decided not to exchange gifts this year but he surprised me with a new sewing machine. He has been hearing me complain (and I thought he doesn't listen LOL) about my little light machine which I use for buttonholes, zigzag and small projects needing tuning and its about  65.00 to tune. So he went out and bought me a new brother 50 stitch machine. I was so excited because it's computerized it, makes buttonholes from memory and a lot of other neat gadgets. Still trying to pull myself out of this no sewing funk, I decided to test it out. Every stitch works except the buttonhole's. OMG, I am so disappointed, which didnt help my funk.  Anyway, we are off to the store to get another machine. It was the thought that counts right??? He thought it might pull me out of my funky funk. I haven't really sewed in about 2 months totally not like me. IDK whats going on with me. I guess I have been lazy and with the holidays the retail stores have been giving things away. 

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