Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My granddaughter who will be 7 on Thursday, has a jacket that she loves to ware. The only thing is, she is getting taller and the jacket is getting shorter. She asked me if I could make a jacket like the one she loves.   We selected McCall’s 5697 which I had in my pattern stash. When ever the patterns go on sale I get crazy and buy a ton. I had a remnant of  black fleece lying around, it was just enough for the jacket. She selected the buttons from my stash. I must say, I was really surprised  how well it turned out, and also the fact that her taste at 7 is all ready showing signs of a classic fashionista . Not to mention she loves it. I can tell that I will be making quite a few more in the monthst to come.

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preeti said...

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