Thursday, October 11, 2018

My Fabric Organization

I was looking through a magazine for inspiration. I found a dress I want to make for this ball that we are going to next month. I told my husband I was going to go buy the fabric for it. He says, please don't take this the wrong way😅 but why don't you use the fabric you already have? I gave him a look like "No You Didn't". He came back with. "I appreciate that you make your clothes, you save us a ton of money, but you are always in the fabric store. I hated to admit  it but he had a point. My fellow sewer friend Faye turned me on to this fabric store. I just love going in there. I have never walk out empty handed.

What a mess I had. It took me 2 days to go through all the fabric. Some I totally forgotten that I had, and why I purchased it. There is another cutting table around the corner.
I went online to get tips on how to organize fabric and they were all for quilting squares. So I decided to post this.

I had some  plastic bags for my jewelry making, purchased at Michaels. Some of the swatches would not fit  so I used Ziploc sandwich bags. After separating all the fabric. I made labels after seperating. I notice I had more ponte than anything, some were different pieces with different textures but same color😑.

I had so much lining and interfacing, I never have to buy it again. I used colored bins for those as I didn't need to see through. I collect sea trunks. I have a 2 sea trunks. One with upholstery and a small college trunk full of trim. 

I should have know when I had to have a closet made for all my fabric, I was in trouble 😨. 


Faye Lewis said...

I was just about to turn in for the night when I saw your post. I do understand having to deal with and store a fabric collection. I haven't visited Fine Fabrics in over 2 years, and have purchased very little fabric from Joann's during the past two years. However, although it almost pains me to say it, I have run out of fabric storage. I did a little reorganizing of fabric today (only because I was on a mad hunt for piece I knew I had but couldn't find). I feel that I should apologize for directing you to Fine Fabrics, but it's hard to do because I know you love each and every piece you have. I guess you and I both need to get on the ball and get some of this fabric sewn up - so we can buy some more.

Denise Smith said...

No Worries Faye, I love you for sending me there. I just can't stay away. Some times I go there just to get my fix on but I aways, always find something to buy.I ordered some swatches to make myself a coat, guess what the swatches I ordered I already have, not that fabric but the same color.