Friday, May 27, 2016

Pattern Review Pants Contest

So I entered this contest thinking, I would make 2 or 3 pair pants. NOT! I made one pair carpi pants that took me a minute to make because of the Gaping in the back. We all know what that is right? Its when you put on a pair jeans and you want to put 2 darts in the waist because you have so much extra fabric in the middle.
Take a look at this, I always add an inch in the back seam and grade down the sides. I also take out 1/2 inch. The pattern I used for the contest was suppose to be easy. I didn't do a muslin, which I should have. At least I had something to enter the contest.
If you dont have this book in your collection its a must.
This was a stretch cotton so I could have made them tighter. I figure when they are washed they will tighten up. Not very pleased with these. One thing for sure these will not be a REDO!!!!



Faye Lewis said...

Great! I love the print.

Linda said...

I like your pants. I need to work on sewing pants.

Emily Bauer said...

They might not be a redo, but that pair still looks great! I love the fabric! And thanks for the tip on the book...I'm going to see if my local library has it.