Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Trying to get myself in the mood for spring I started searching my fav sights for inspiration for and something simple to make. I stumbled on this Ruana from J.Jill ,for a mere 89.00. Its pure cotton and cute. I love J.Jill her cloths are really for tall women but they are so elegant and made I think for mature women. Then I saw one on Talbot's site it was 89.00 also, but reduced to 59.00. I like the one on Talbots site best, because of the stripes.

These things are super easy to make. I decided to cut my neck line in a u instead of the V neck. The sizing of the ready to ware ruana's were 59"x44". I used their measurements to construct my ruana. I feel like my ruana was not long enough  for my 5"3 frame. So If you decide to make one use your tape measure.
I purchased 2 yards of fabric. Ponte what else? I have about 1/2 yard left, so it only took 1 1/2 yds.
All I can tell you is, come October, my sewing room is going to be like a factory. Every female in my family will get one of theses for Christmas. Even the kids. 
We are going to a concert this weekend this one will really come in handy with the LBD I am wearing. 


Tomasa said...

It looks gorgeous on you. That vibrant blue color is beautiful!

Faye Lewis said...

U love wraps, your's is gorgeous.