Tuesday, September 8, 2015

To Tribe or Not to Tribe

The girls really like it when Gee Gee sews for them. We went to Fine Fabrics for our selection. The oldest one said she wanted Tribal print. I am like really? What does an 11 year old know about tribal prints? She confessed that she has been watching Project Runway. After walking up and down several aisles, she went right to this print and said. I can’t believe you aren’t familiar with tribal print.

Anyway they chose McCall’s6827. I was happy because this was a simple pattern one I could whip up over the holiday. They were pleased with it also. They have issues with clothes being too large around the neck as they both have broad shoulders. I am sure this pattern will be like my 1 yard pattern top they will have tons of these. 


Robin said...

Beautiful. Smiles = Satisfaction.

Faye Lewis said...

Gorgeous, the tops and the girls!

Tomasa said...

The garments are adorable and they are so cute!

Myra said...

Yep I agree that's going to be your go to pattern for these little cuties!

joy said...

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