Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fine Fabric

So we had to put or dog to sleep Saturday. I have been crying for the last 4 days to the point were I couldn't see. I decided to get out of the house and take my mind off Trixie. In one of my funky post back when I was trying to get back in the groove, Faye Lewis from Faye's sewing adventure blog mentioned Fine Fabric here in Atlanta. So I decided to get in the car and take a drive. OMG. I cannot believe I have been in Atlanta for over 30 years and

have passed this place a million times and never went in there. I still had my mind on Trixie but at least I wasn't crying.  I walked out there only  3 pieces of fabric. All  I can say is the only reason I will shop Joann's  or Hancock again is for patterns.Thanks Faye

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Faye Lewis said...

Girl you are so welcome! I hyperventilated just a little when I walked visited Fine a couple of months ago. I didn't see that much jersey on my trips to NYC Fashion District. Only glad I don't live in the ATL because I'd have to physically move into the store. Glad all that fabric (at such wonderful prices) was able to get you to dry those tears a little bit. So sorry about Trixie.