Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zippers Zippers Zippers

Ok passed a new store today. Its called SIL Thread. They sell YKK zippers 36inch separating zippers for 4.00. Invisible zipper for 1.00. They are located at 257 West 38th St. I took the bus today instead of the subway, need a change of pace. The phone number is 212 997-8949. They are working on their web site but you can call them, if you want to place an order. 4.00 for 36 inch separating zipper is quite good. I bought one from Pacific Trim. I paid 16.00 for it. I took it back because I could not see myself paying more for the zipper than the fabric. Next week I will visit more fabric stores. I have been stuck on notions lately. When I leave, I will have to make visits twice a year to buy my fabric and notions.

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