Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last week in the OC

Well this is my last week in the OC. I could not end my trip here without going to down town LA to the fabric stores. I had a list of stores that I wanted to visit courtesy of pattern review. When I got there the list totally went out the window. It was incredible. I have been looking for the new striped fabric for a boyfriend jacket, found it paid 17.00 a yard for it but because I had been looking I didnt care. Look at this lace I got for a dress. The picture dosent do it justice. I am makeing a dress I plan to line it with black. And not to mention that they bargain with you, AND they don't charge any tax.
Check this lace out. They wanted 35.00 a yard for it. I said no that's OK this is the 1st store I have visited so I will  shop around . He said make me an offer. I told him 15.00 he said no, but, I can let you have it for 20.00. What a deal.
Also remember my 1 yard Donna Karen Top. Well I got these knits for 3.99 per yard.
Overall I only spent around 110.00 and for that I got 4 tops 2 dresses and 3 jackets. I have have to show you the stripe that I purchased another time.
I will say this in BOLD If you ever go to LA make your business to go to the fashion district.

I cant wait to get back in my sewing room. I am so very inspired.....
Micheal Levine store, closest thing to MOOD

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