Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orange County CA

Well I am in the OC. I have been looking for the real housewives of Orange County but I would not know them if they slapped me. My hotel is right near a Joann fabric store. The 2nd day I got here, I went into the store just to look at pattern’s and feel some fabric. Needed a fix LOL. 
What a disappointment. The store was huge but the fabric section was unimpressive to say the least. I however plan to venture to LA to check out some stores there. LA is supposed to be the second fashion capital next to NYC. I went on pattern review to get some locations. I am about 50 miles away this place is beautiful but the traffic is bad really bad. I just got adjusted to the time difference last night I over slept LOL. Oh and BTW I got my Tatoo retouch for my birthday.

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Myra said...

Oh Denise that picture does look really nice and makes me want to be there with you! I'm not surprised about JoAnn Fabrics...I'm in Florida and when I go to any of them, it's "hit or miss" with their fabrics all the time! I usually do my fabric shopping online. I sure would love being there in California to shop at some of those infamous fabric stores with you! Good luck and please do a show and tell when you get back!