Friday, November 2, 2018

Mc Calls 7480

So I had been eyeing the Meghan Markle coat. You know the one she had on when they announced the engagement . I guess everyone else’s was as obsessed with it too. Someone posted a similar coat pattern online McCalls 7480 claiming that it was her coat but it was not.  
I should have known something was up when I didn't find a review for it. I always check Pattern Review before I use a pattern for the first time. I cut the medium. I should have cut the small as it is huge on me. I am the same size as my form. Even with cloths on its large.

I did not make a muslim which I should have done. I always cut a muslim when I am using a new pattern. I have some off white cashmere (like Meghan's) in my stash purchased while I was in NY, I am so glad I didn’t use it. The pattern that is closer to the coat is the one below. You have to do a little alterations to the collar but other than that its a total match.There are 2 pieces for the front and two pieces to the back which I believe will offer a better fit. You can put the pieces together I made this back in  2013.

It’s bad when you have so many patterns that you forget what you have and end up buying patterns again. So if you’re thinking about making this type Coat (which is a must for fall) don’t use the McCall’s pattern you’ll be very disappointed as I am.
It's amazing that this coat has been around for so long, and I only have one. I have been obsessed with this coat for a while. Maybe that's why I used the blue😌


Faye Lewis said...
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Denise Smith said...

No I think I Am going to gift it for the holidays. I have lost quite a bit of weight. I am constantly taking in what I can. I hate to do that with something I made. I still see myself as a 14-16, not a size 8😂. I have been buying a lot on Poshmark (selling 2)